Barcelona plans to sue the newspaper over leaked Messi’s Mega contract



Barcelona has promised to sue the news outlet that leaked the contract of Lionel Messi. The Catalonia based-club sues for calm and promises to see the case to a logical end.

Barcelona officials pledge that El Mundo will be sued 

The top Spanish football club, FC Barcelona has planned to sue Spanish newspaper El Mundo over  Lionel Messi's $680m contracts. This deal according to this news outlet is the biggest in sports history and has affected Barcelona's financial condition.

The Spanish club has continued to insist that they didn't leak the information which they consider 'a private confidential document'. The club has however not denied nor affirmed the contents of the report. According to the report, 34- year old Messi could collect about 556,267,562 euros before his contracts expire, if all conditions are satisfied. 

It also notes that about half of the amount goes to the Spanish government in taxes. Entering the last six months of his contract, Messi has already gotten 500,456,765  which is about 91% of the figures .'' The report said. 

FC Barcelona statement about the report 

'' The information released by El Mundo today in a private agreement between Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona, the club is sad about the publication due to the confidential nature between both parties '' the statement reads. 

'' FC Barcelona denies any knowledge of leaks leading to the publication of the report. . The club is in consultation with legal counsel to take action against El Mundo for damages it has caused both parties '' 

'' FC Barcelona will continue to support the Player, especially in this unsuccessful attempt to blackmail him and dent his image. He worked so hard to where he is and is an icon of global football. Lionel Messi joined Barcelona academy aged 12 in 2000. He went to become the club's greatest player and their highest goal scorer with over 650 goals while providing 290 assists in about 790 games for the Spanish giants.

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