The Contest

Want to know how you can get involved with the cittaslow movement here in Cowichan Bay? It all starts with building community. Help us bring our community closer together by telling us your stories!


We are looking for entries that describe your story as it relates to any one of the following:


History and Traditions

Tell us your story on how you came to live here in Cowichan, whether you and your people have been here for generations, came here from away, whether a refugee, an indigenous person, or want to share a story of life in the Cowichan in the recent past. Share with us what you are most thankful for living here in the Valley.


Sense of Place and Community Building

Whether you want to share stories of your family’s early activities from previous generations, or establishing a new venture – a farm or business that has contributed to our community. What about early wineries, farms and vineyards? Describe those unique attributes of the Valley that create the strong sense of place that we so enjoy…


Sustainability – Preserving our Natural Environment

Whether it is an eco-business or a hiking trail that inspires you, or sustainable resource or project that you have been involved in, tell us your story!


Community spirit and quality of life

Share with us those elements that nurture our spirits and make life here in the Valley unique.


How to Enter

Your entries can take many forms, whether written, recorded audio files, video stories or artistic interpretations. We accept any format!

Please email your submission to:

Please specify if you would like to be anonymous or have your name published with your submission!

The contest will run until November 2018. You will have the chance to review other submissions and post your votes for your favourites on line!

Submissions will be posted in three instalments, beginning in early March followed by June and September.

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