How to manage stress on a daily basis?

Stress is a response to the physical and chemical aggressions of our body. So, how to manage stress? You will understand this shortly.

Diverting the stress trigger

 To avoid unnecessary stress, feel free to remove yourself from other commitments. However, look at here now.  Your irritation will only increase if you have to deal with more problems than you are able to solve. Limiting contact with people who stress you out can also be positive. If someone is draining you emotionally, avoid constant contact with them. Pull yourself together. If traffic jams stress you out, take an alternate route. If watching television makes you anxious, turn off the screen. If you're not comfortable working in an open space (because of noise or constant visitors), try to be as undisturbed as possible. An endless to-do list is stressful. Eliminate unnecessary tasks and focus only on what is really important to you.

Different approaches to stress

If you can't avoid it, try to express your feelings in words rather than hiding them. If you don't express them, the resentment will only grow. If you ask someone to change their behavior, you must be willing to do the same until you find the right balance. Be as accommodating as possible, consider conflicts of interest, and be prepared to deal with stressful situations. If you are invited to a meeting or coffee shop, don't hesitate to say no if you have more important things to do. If you plan your tasks ahead of time, you won't feel as overwhelmed in a professional setting and can focus on your project without having to deal with last-minute issues.

Adapt to the stressor

Try to look at the problem in a positive way, to see the best side and potential benefits. Consider the stress level of the situation and assess its importance. Will the problem persist in a month? What will it be like a year from now? In other words, "90% of the stress we are currently experiencing will be gone within a year." Get over it and enjoy life (Terrence Jay)".Try to avoid perfectionism. If you set reasonable standards for yourself and others, you will feel less stress and frustration. When you are feeling stressed, try to think about the positive aspects of your life. What have you been doing so well lately? What do you particularly enjoy? These strategies can help you put your thoughts in a (positive) perspective.

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