Cittaslow Cowichan Board:

President:  Sheila Badman

Director at Large: Lew Penny

Treasurer: Bruce Stuart

Ex Officio Director: Lori Iannardo

Secretary: Renee Robbins

Cittaslow Cowichan Liaisons :

Colleen (CBIA)

Simone Conner (Fundraising)

Peter Watts (Tourism Cowichan)

Ron Boganoff (Cittaslow liaison)

As a Cittaslow community we:

  • Celebrate and preserve our diverse history and traditions, including the history, culture and traditions of the Quw’utsun’ people in whose traditional territory we live.
  • Celebrate and engage our community spirit, promoting a high standard of hospitality and conviviality that encourages local people and visitors alike to enjoy and make the most of all that the town and its hinterland have to offer.
  • Celebrate, promote and enjoy traditional and environmentally friendly methods for producing local food, drink and products that are rooted in local culture and tradition. We value what is unique about our area and work to safeguard traditional ways of making things, including First Nations art, culinary traditions and culture. Residents and visitors are encouraged to be in direct contact with and purchase goods from local farmers, fishers, producers, artists and artisans at the farm gate, the fishermen’s wharf, and at local shops, markets, fairs and activities in and around the community.
  • Encourage all those who work, live and visit our community, and in particular our young people, to develop an awareness and appreciation of our community’s natural environment and our quality of life, including our community spirit, excellence in food, drink, and conviviality, and our value of local traditions, products and production methods.
  • Promote environmental stewardship in all that we do, encouraging approaches that improve the town’s facilities, embrace and enhance its quality of life, and improve its air and water quality, repurposing and recycling wherever possible to reduce the community’s environmental impact and carbon footprint.
  • Promote a sense of place and community with public gathering places, effective public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian movement that enhances a sustainably built environment sensitive to our history, traditins, and the needs of the people in the community. We are committed to supporting the development and maintenance of a local infrastructure that reflects our community’s distinctive character and quality of life, and that prioritizes regeneration and re-use over redevelopment and modernization.

Read the international Cittaslow charter 

Read the full Cittaslow Cowichan charter

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