The best states in the United States to live in

The United States is a big country so many people want to live there. But to live in a foreign country, you need to have some information about that country. That's why this article was written to give you the best states in the United States to live in.

North Dakota

The Midwest, in the United States, is an area that rarely ends up in the limelight. There's a lack of big cities, wealth and jobs have been missing for a long time. But, traditionally it is a rural and depressed area. A tradition that has, however, begun to change in recent decades. For more information, visit sites here. Some states, although sparsely populated, have discovered their natural and mining beauties. And have begun to show and sell them first to other inhabitants of America and then to the world, attracting large profits. One such state is North Dakota. It is a land that borders Canada to the north and is characterized by one of the greatest temperature ranges in the world. Records show that it can go from -51°C on winter nights to +49°C in hot summers.


Minnesota is also very similar to North Dakota, and not just because it's a neighboring state. According to CNBC rankings, the Minneapolis area also claims virtually negligible crime rates compared to the rest of the country, clean air and enviable health status of its citizens. On the other hand, the cold in the winter and the scorching heat in the summer are partially mitigated by the presence of numerous lakes, which are undoubtedly the region's defining feature. It is known as the land of 10,000 lakes, although there are actually more than 12,000 lakes, as well as several thousand streams and rivers. Minnesota alternates between large prairies and woods, but compared to North and South Dakota, it also has a few metropolitan areas, with all that this implies in terms of economy and development.

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