The COVID-19 vaccine, Novavax shows 90% potency in recent UK trials

A new COVID-19 vaccine in the phase three trial has shown huge potential against the new strain. The Novavax vaccine has a huge efficacy against recent variants of COVID-19. 

Novavax will be efficient against recent COVID-19 strains 

A new coronavirus vaccine has shown promises and efficiency of about 90% potency in massive scale British-based trials. This Novavax vaccine will be the first time that vaccines will show such a high percentage against new vaccine strains found in the UK. 

According to UK government officials, the country has agreed on 65 million doses of this vaccine which has been developed in Stockton near East England. In other news, another dose of the vaccine created by Janssen is just 67% potent against the new COVID-19 strain. 

Janssen is a pharmaceutical firm and highly reputable in infectious disease vaccines. It is also conducting trials if their vaccine will need two or more doses for a stronger immunization. Their recent findings show that a dose of their jabs will give 86% protection in severe cases. 

Vaccines still need to be reviewed before public use is approved 

However, both Novavax and Janssen vaccines will still need to be checked by health regulations before they can be recommended for massive use. The British PM said this is '' a good news" as many potent vaccines mean the end of COVID-19 is at hand. If everything works well, the Novavax vaccine is expected to be supplied before June 2021 after a thorough review by the Medicines and Healthcare Agency (MHRA).

 So far, the UK government has certified three COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use, they are Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and AstraZeneca. The Novavax vaccine when administered against the first coronavirus will give protection up to 96%. The vaccine will undertake the phase three final stage of trials and over 20,000 volunteers are expected to partake in the trials. The ages of volunteers are between 18 and 90.