What's eRowz?



eRowz was created in 2011, it will be active in around 40 countries by the end of the year.  Its turnover should greatly exceed 2 million euros, it will have quadrupled in 4 years, knowing that the company has been profitable since its creation.  It employs 17 people in Enghien but does not intend to stop there, new recruitments are planned.

 An International Network

Site-Advertisement belongs to a group which goes far beyond the borders.  We quickly and widely specialized in classifieds and are developing search engines in several European countries such as Spain, Belgium and in the UK.

Today, millions of visitors per month browse the pages of our sites to find the best bargain as in Italy , in France  and in Sweden.  Through our various platforms, it is also our philosophy and our desire to consume differently that we share.  See here to find out more

Recycling and a more inclusive economy are values ​​that are close to our hearts and shared by the users of gebraucht-kaufen.de in Germany.  Recently, we have pushed back the borders again by crossing the Atlantic Ocean to settle in America: used.forsale in the United States was recently opened.

A Walloon search engine partner of the biggest names on the Internet like Amazon or eBay?  This search engine exists, it's called eRowz.

 Amazon and eBay partners

eRowz is a company based in the Enghien region.  Individuals bring millions of products, cars and homes online every day.  At eRowz we make sure that these offers from all over the world are put together on one website.  We bring together 300 million listings from 120 different ad sites in more than 20 countries.

The classifieds aggregated by eRowz come in particular from sites like Amazon or e-Bay.  The small startup of Enghien is one of the world's top 5 most important partners of these multinational web companies!  And they are the ones who pay erowz.  Example: you buy a used Play Station on Amazon using the eRowz search engine;  Amazon will pay eRowz a commission.



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