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Our mission is to preserve the unique identity of the Cowichan Bay area while continually improving the quality of life for residents and visitors.

We do this by celebrating our community’s rich history and traditions, promoting craftsmanship and environmental stewardship, maintaining our community’s distinct character, and engaging our community in creating and sharing a good life.

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For four days a group of dedicated Cowichan Bay residents and stakeholders discussed what all can be improved in Cowichan Bay. After lengthy discussions it became very clear that safe walking through the village and parking were the two main issues for the majority of participants.

All kinds of ideas were presented, including even an idea to have a decommissioned Ferry serve as a parking lot. Others included, moving the South wall in the village three meters back to create parallel parking spaces, and establishing a Community Centre at the place where in the past the big oil tanks stood across from the Rock Cod Café, with a parking area.

Cittaslow made a presentation on moving the Boat Launch at the Nature Centre to the Causeway, which would create 50 spaces for parking. At the same time, improvements would have to be made so that walking to the village from that site would be safer. Cittaslow has already started already discussions on some of these ideas with the people involved. Really, this is what Cittaslow is all about, trying to improve the community together for today and tomorrow.

We would also like to organize a clean up day before the summer season starts. We like to have everyone involved. You will be amazed what a lot of people can do with brooms, and cleaning materials. We keep you up to date with when that day will be held.

Please check out our first Video of this year, which is about the Maritime Centre, please enjoy.

Cittaslow is an international network of towns where quality of life is paramount.

Our Mission

To preserve the unique identity of the Cowichan Bay area while continually improving the quality of life for residents and visitors by:

  • Celebrating our community’s rich history and traditions
  • Promoting craftsmanship and environmental stewardship
  • Maintaining our community’s distinct character
  • Engaging our community in creating and sharing a good life

In 2009 Cowichan Bay became North America’s first Cittaslow community, joining an international network that now includes over 236 Cittaslow towns in 30 countries and territorial areas. These communities are brought to life by the people who take the time to build community relationships and enjoy quality of life. They are blessed with quality space, shops, inns, historic buildings, farms, nature and unspoiled lands.

The main goal of cittaslow was, and still is, to enlarge the philosophy of Slow Food to local communities and governments, applying the concepts of ecogastronomy to the practice of everyday life.

The Association founded in Orvieto on 15th October 1999, values the creation of resilient microeconomics, the exchange of good practices across the Network, promotes citizenship actions in local communities, across cities and its territories, in cultural, environmental, social and economic aspect, today and for future generations.

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Address: Cittaslow Cowichan
c/o Maritime Museum
1761 Cowichan Bay Rd., PO Box 22
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