Myanmar Army seizes power, arrest President Aung San Suu Kyi

In what was deemed an unlikely event, the military has executed a coup in Myanmar. Leader Aung San and other political leaders have been detained. 

The military takes power in Myanmar 

The Myanmar military has done a coup-d'etat against the leader of Myanmar. She was arrested and detained alongside several important political associates. According to political sources, a state of emergency has been declared for about a year until everything stabilizes. 

This coup has been growing silently since tensions between the government and the military grew amidst a disputed election result. The country has always been in the hands of the military until 2012 when a democratic transition was successful. 

According to the Myanmar military, Power will rest on General Min Aung Hlaing until all Electoral disputes are settled. Soldiers can be seen in major cities. Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon. The US in a statement which was made by Secretary Antony Binken called for the immediate freedom of all Myanmar officials in incarceration. 

Australia's foreign minister has said the military must immediately reverse this coup and return the nation to its default democratic government. He also said that they must respect the rule of law and settle on election issues in the court of law. 

Internet and other essential services affected 

There have been disruptions on the internet and some other essential services in major cities. The Government main TV station MRTV is offline but said it is resolving some technical issues. It is hard to get the full situation of things. Having communications with major cities is difficult. 

Yangon which is the country's biggest city has very poor internet services as major internet providers have reduced their operations and withdrawn some services. Also, financial institutions have cut services as citizens are seen at the ATMs to withdraw cash urgently.

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